Dirty Promises by Karina Halle -Review

Dark, Gritty, Sexy

DIRTY PROMISES continues with Javier and Luisa’s story. These two are not your typical couple, but what can you expect from a drug lord and his queen…

If you believe that you can find a happy ending when you are living in a world where pain, violence, and the thirst of blood & power are your everyday things, turn around because this is not the way. Dirty Promises is not full of rainbows or unicorns, but of betrayal; it is a love story written in blood, where loyalty can be bought. When you are part of the cartel drug world, trust, is something really hard to find and keep.

Alcohol was my partner while reading this book, this is the type of book where you find scenes that are going to leave you speechless, so you will need something to give you support. There might even be people who will feel ashamed for loving this book, but I am not one of those people.

I developed a strong bond with the characters and the story line because I’m Mexican and it was fascinating to read the way Karina describes their lives in Mexico. Reading her words knowing that everything I was reading was true, God, it was kind of shocking. I mean, those things happen in my country and no one gives a shit about it. Karina did excellent research, everything she put into this book, described perfectly what happens in Mexico. The details of each scene, the behavior of the characters, every-fucking-thing. With this, I’m saying that Dirty Promises is utterly realistic.

I fell in love with Javier in the Artists Trilogy and in this series he took my heart and carved up his name on my back. He was unfaithful and murderous, but my loyalty remains the same. My queen Luisa, such a feisty woman, she is by far one of my favorite heroines ever. She has been through so much already and things just get worse for her. Their relationship is not as easy as you would think, it is full of pain. After some events that took place in Dirty Deeds, Javier tried to push Luisa away and she almost lost the battle. Things got complicated and dirty and they both do things to hurt each other and that maybe in the end will destroy them.

There were moments when I just wanted to scream because the feelings were too much, the rage, the sadness, the pain. I was heart broken, a complete mess of emotions.
Dirty Promises was extraordinarily amazing and I loved every word.